CV (short version) of David Boventer*
(37 years old, married)

*(Please understand that out of reasons of personal data protection,
that this document cannot contain proofs and precise details -
if you need them please contact me so that I can give you the
correct password and you can thereby enter the protected area of this site.)


· M.A.-Study of German literature and philology
· Studies abroad in France and the USA
· Industrial merchant (chamber of commerce)
· Multimedia-Developer-Diploma
· Content Manager Diploma

Knowledge of foreign language:
· English is my mothertongue in its actual sense
· French (School and academical stay in France)
· Modern Greek

Computer applications:
· MS Office complete(English and German)
· Authoring tools and graphical design programs
· HTML-programming
· Java basics
· Content Managment Systems (Webfair and others)

Job experience:

· US College and Gymnasium abroad (USA and GR)
· City of Cologne
· Automotive industry - Marketing, Price analysis, Project projection
· Insurance - Marketing and Distribution
· Computer Services Company